United Arab Emirates


Wow, arriving back in Dubai after such a long time is quite shocking.
There's no place in the world where metropolitan expansion has been so massive.

Sheikh Zayed Road, the most famous street of the Emirates. The World Trade Center
used to be the landmark here, but you can hardly find it back against the high rise of today.

public beach

Looking from the Jumeira Rotana hotel across Al Satwa area towards the Sheikh Zayed Road.
It shows the contrast between the low profile housing and five star appartments or offices.

public beach

Dubai public beach with Sheikh Zayed Road high rise in the back, including the highest building in the world - Burj Khalifa.

the signs into Dubai

The huge challenge of dealing with rush hour traffic have resulted in roads becoming wider. But because there are more interchanges now you need to know where to go well in advance in order to actually reach your lane.

Where ten years ago there was nothing but sand or see, now almost complete new cities have arrised:

Al Sufouh, Dubai, seen from the Palm

Al Sufouh seen from the eastern crescent of Palm Jumeira.

Dubai Marina

Where now is Dubai Marina (above seen from the western crescent of Palm Jumeira) with more than 100 high rise buildings (many over 300 meters tall) around a the world's largest man-made marina, there used to be nothing but one road crossing a bit of sand towards Le Meridien and the Radisson SAS hotel further down the coastline. Just absurd!!

Dubai Marina mall

Dubai Marina mall

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Breakwater

Now the Marina Mall Tower has just opened the view over the Breakwater onto the Corniche is just fantastic.

Abu Dhabi city

Down town Abu Dhabi city, looking from Adrians flat towards the Airport road. In the middle the
Etisalat building with round 'ball' on top where I have worked allot..

Palace Hotel

I remember this was was only a large public beach.. now there is one of the largest hotels in the world.


eastern UAE desert

The red sands of the eastern UAE desert close to Al Shiwayb, or just accross the border with Oman - you could't tell in those days. Unfortunately nowadays there's a huge fence.

dune bashing

Great fun, dune bashing at the eastern border where the desert ends up against the Hajar mountains.

dune bashing  dune bashing

Our camping spot at night with campfire, barbeque and.. full moon.

UAE desert & mountains

A local in his Landcruiser looking for his camels where the red sands of the eastern UAE desert hit the
Hajar mountains of Oman. The contrast of the smooth dunes, the gravel plains with trees, and the
stone rocks is just magnificent!

Fosil Rock

Passing Fosil Rock and looking for a nice camping spot for another quiet night in the desert.

Fine spot for a picknick..

Analizing our next obstacle. We're just by ourselves so no risk to take of getting stuck with the 4x4..


Ar Rumaylah

Spectacular scenery while crossing the rough Hajar mountains going from Ar Rustaq towards Ibri.