Saas Fee 2012 - 2013

Finally returning to peaceful Saas Fee after so many years, heaven really is a place on earth!

Saas Fee the village

Right in the centre of the village, hotel The Dom. Just reopened after a huge renovation. And wow, what an upgrade! The interior has completely changed, it is breathing the atmosphere now that you expect from a high class hotel being very much in line with the old tradition of using wood, but in a fantastic modern way.

Unloading our music equipment at the bar of The Dom, completely renovated as well. Turned into a very atmospheric venue and very much the place to be if you're looking for life music at its best by international acts, such as ours.

The Sport Hotel. Saas Fee is big time luxury...!

Popcorn Plaza at 2870m, always a nice place to sit down and relax after a bit of skiing.

Great slopes just under Felskinn (3000m) from where the metro can bring you up to Allalin (3500m) where its glacier provides ski fun throughout the year.

Summer ski area at the Feegletscher.

Looking from Lšngfluh down at where the Feegletscher breaks apart.

Looking from Lšngfluh towards Egginer, Felskinn and Allalin.

Sitting in (annoyingly slow) Lšngfluh Sessel you have a great view at the massive glacier and the ski slopes down below.

Zermatt 2012

Where people from all over the world come together, now I know why..

The view at the centre of Zermatt from my balcony at Hotel Astoria.

Those lovely streets of Zermatt in the evening.

The Post Hotel in the centre of the village.

Inside the lovely and very atmospheric (former) restaurant Portofino at hotel Post.