Repair & modifications of tube amps

Repairing and modifying vintage Marshall amps is where Luciano Amps once started. In depth experience with the essential characteristics of legendary 'plexi' amps has grown along the way. For repair or modifications of your Marshall or any other tube amp Luciano Amps is your trusted partner. With modifications we listen to you being guitarist with your own personal creative expression, and convert your demands into the required modifications.


Before carrying out repair on your defect tube amp or speaker cabinet we will always give a repair price indication based on a first estimate. In case on closer inspection before or during repair costs will turn out significantly higher than initially estimated, we will get in contact with you prior to continuing repair.


For modifying your amp we will listen to you being a unique guitarist with your own guitar, effects and playing style, and convert your specific demands into required modifications and/or advice. Common mods are:
    •  Adding Master Volume
    •  Tuning the sound of a channel in terms of amount of Bright, Bass or Distortion.
    •  Adding/tuning Bright Switch
    •  Tuning EQ
    •  Tuning Presence Control on frequency
    •  Adding Efffects Send/Return circuitry
    •  Converting solid state rectifier into rectifier with 'sag' simulation or tube rectifier
    •  Adding Bias Control for improved adjustment of Power Tubes
    •  Improving 'Earth Configuration' for less hum
    •  Converting Marshall reissue amps into true vintage character


Tubes belong to the most important components of your amp, though are the most vulnerable too. Tubes are sensitive to shocks during use and transport, and are - unlike Transistors, FETs, and Opamps - subject to wear due to use. Maintenance of your amp by making sure that your tubes are still ok is a prerequisite for optimal sound, and certainly to ensure that you won't face any unpleasant surprises during a performance. Therefor we generally advise - in case of regular use of your amp - to have all tubes checked each year and exchanged if necessary. Luciano Amps has the right equipment and knowledge to test the state of your tubes. We always exchange your old tubes by tested and matched JJ tubes or at request NOS tubes.

High-end amplifiers have bias adjustment for the biasing the (individual) power tubes. Due to the fact that power tubes wear out and the bias balance can lapse, it is very important to have the power tubes being checked and re-adjusted for right bias (balance) of the power tubes. Amplifiers with 'fixed bias' should be regularly checked for equality of the power tubes.

Also electrolytic capacitors wear out over the years, even if the amp is not being used. This happens due to dehydration and is unavoidable. If the electrolytic capacitors have been sitting in your amp for fifteen years or longer it is highly recommended to have them exchanged. The authentic character of your amp will not be affected, instead it will sound as it should, tight with optimal presence of detail.

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