Effects Pedals Modifications

For optimizing the effect result and quality of effects pedals to the guitar sound, different modifications on the electronics of the pedal can be done, as well as functional mods on inputs, outputs and controls.

True Bypass

With True Bypass the guitar signal is directed around the effect electronics circuitry whenever the effect is off/standby. This is not the case with Boss and Ibanez stompboxes, the signal is electronically buffered, electronically switched and electronically buffered again while being in standby:

The signal is going through fifteen to twenty electronical components, such as electrolytic capacitors which are not really suited for audio signals.
With True Bypass the guitar signal won't go through any of the electronical components in off/standby mode, therefor degradation of the guitar signal is fully eliminated:

A 2-way switch is routing the signal around the effects circtuitry.

Luciano Relay True Bypass

The Luciano Relay True Bypass essentially works this way, but is unique at the same time:
Other than most True Bypass modifications it's not a large mechanical switch - doing the actual switching - mounted through the top of the pedal. It's a signal switching relay of the highest quality.

The Luciano True Bypass advantages:

  1. 100% pure guitar signal in off/standby mode
The guitar signal won't go through any electronical components in off/standby mode, so zero degradation of the guitar signal. Simply output = input.

  2. No cosmetic degradation of your pedal
The added relay circuitry is being put inside the pedal, the original pedal switch is triggering the relay. On the outside no changes are visible and the usage of the pedal remains the same.

  3. Highest possible switching quality
The relay is specifically designed for frequent switching of delicate audio signals. The switch contacts are gilded and therefor oxidation will not take place. Also the relay is insensitive to humid conditions and has a guaranteed lifespan of a minimum of 100.000 switch actions. This way the quality of the guitar signal is 100% guaranteed for many many years.
Also, the semiconductor (FET) switches as we find them in Boss and Ibanez pedals (which are not ideal for audio signal switching) are completely eliminated this way.

  4. Always guitar signal
In case the power supply of the effects pedal is interrupted or the battery running low, the guitar signal will never be interrupted, which is normally not the case with Boss and Ibanez pedals. The reason for this is that the idle position of the relay is True Bypass. So whatever happens, you will never have the risk of completely losing your guitar signal due to a single point of failure.

Pedal specific modifications

Ibanez Tubescreamer TS808, TS9, TS10
    •  Bass Boost: Also known as the 'Fat Mod', the result is more bass in the overdrive sound
    •  Distortion Mod: Changing the clipping circuit and adding a switch for multiple overdrive settings
    •  IC/Opamp exchange (JRC4558) for original TS808 specs with a smoother overdrive tone
    •  Tone circuit tuning for better sound quality

Boss DS1
    •  Clipping circuit tuning with selection switch
    •  'Keeley Ultra & Seeing Eye' modification

Boss CE-2
    One of the most fantastic Chorus pedals on the planet!
    •  Exchange of opamp for Burr Brown OPA2134PA for a richer sound

Vox V847 & Dunlop CryBaby
    •  Red/Yellow Fasel inductor upgrade for better voicing
    •  ICAR potmeter for more gradual sweep
    •  LED on/off indicator

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
    •  Adding a Minimal Volume control for adjustable minimal volume at 0% with on/off indicator
    •  Switchable Minimal Volume Mode / Normal Mode

General pedal mods

    •  Capacitor exchange for sound quality improvement
    •  Relocation of Input, Output, Power Supply input, LED on/off indicator