My love

"Don't know what you did to me
never knew just how good love could be
The things I said I'd never do
I say them no more, cause I found you

The only never that you know
is the never that you never know
It's crazy just how love can go
with the never that you never know"

Mint Condition: 'The Never That You Never Know'
This song is for you my precious lady.

My '88 VW Passat

Produced in 1988 being one of the very last out of the 32b range, this is my good old and sturdy VW Passat. I have recently exchanged the engine, that broke down in 2011, to a fairly new 1.8 engine out of an Audi80 from the mid 80's. Not the easiest thing to do, but highly satisfactory. It has become my ultimate challenge to keep this one on the road. Simply because there's something nostagic about it, and driving it gives a special feeling so I find it absolutely worthwhile to repair, upgrade, and polish.. And I've had it since 2003 so I won't easilly let it go.

   VW Passat 1988                                                                                                                  VW Passat 2008