Amp feature options

Luciano Amps has a deep understanding of what made the Marshall icon amps from the 60's sound as they did. With this, combined with a solid knowledge of electronics in general, we have the ability to customize our amps to meet your personal tonal requirements.
If not on board already, the amp can be customer tailored to your individual requirements by many features:

Post Phase Inverter Master Volume

A Master Volume that sits behind the phase inverter in your power-amp greatly preserves your 'Marshall at 10' tone while cutting down the overall volume.

Effects Loop

In the chain of guitar, effects and amplifier the best place for e.g. a Delay usually is after the distorting effects pedals and/or amp stages. Also see Lucianos guitar effects page for his optimal effects routing configuration. Therefor an Effects Loop between the pre-amp stages of the amplifier and the powerstage is a must for optimal processing of the guitar signal. The Luciano Fx Loop circuitry is an additional tube stage which does not degenerate the vintage tube sound. Also the guitar signal loop level can be optimized for the use of stompboxed as well as line level 19" equipment. A True Bypass switch makes it possible to easilly eliminate the complete Fx Loop circuitry with the connected effects out of the signal route.

Switchable Boost and Tone Voicing

Clean gain stages: A significant amount of brightness can be added or reduced within the first few amp stages. A switch alows you to choose your prefered setting for that moment. Also boosting up the signal here will have a big effect on level and tone.
Drive Channel Brightness Switch: An additional switch can be added in order to have one or two Brightness settings available within your Drive Channels.
Tone Stack change: Here is where your EQ operates and by changing the tone stack component values your EQ acts differently to your potmeter changes. By adding a switch you can e.g. have the ability to choose between either the JTM45 or 1959SLP EQ values, and/or a full EQ bypass which will give you a 6dB boost within the pre-amp as a bonus.
Presence: the overall tone of the amp can be infuenced heavilly by its Presence circuitry. A switchable Presence frequency range will provide you the ability to choose between different voicing settings your Presence Control will operate at.

Negative Feedback Control

Changing the feedback circuit around the power tubes has a great effect on sound and volume. The first plexis, the JTM45 (copied from the Fender Bassman), had a large amount of negative feedback in the power amp, resulting in a sound being relatively clean for a Marshall. In the years after - from the JTM45 via the 1959SLP to the 1959Mk2 (or 50 Watts version 1987Mk2) - Marshall lowered the negative feedback in line with the trend of an increasing demand for distortion. Because of the earlier and more gradual break-up of the power tubes the sound became less stiffer, rawer and more dynamically driven by how the strings were played, plus an increase of volume. Eddie Van Halen had the feedback circuit from his 1959SLP's modified to the later MK2 specs in order to increase the amount of distortion from his power tubes in comparison with the amount coming from the pre-amp stages.
With an additional potmeter on the back of the amp you can find your perfect balance between that controled cleaner JTM45 tone and the dynamic rawness of the 1959Mk2/1987Mk2 with increased volume.

Resonance Control

Basically, it is the opposite of a presence control, allowing you to tighten up the bottom frequencies. This is know as the Cameron Mod. An additional potmeter will be added to the rear panel of your amp.

Half power switch

An often used method for reducing the volume of the power-stage of your amp while preserving the tone of the amp is by putting the power tubes from pentode into triode mode. A switch on the rear panel lets you choose between either mode.

Solid state rectifier with 'sag' simulation

The effect known as 'sag', like with the early JTM45, is loved by many guitarist because of a the natural compression for a sweater tone.

More options are possible at request. We listen, we design, we build.