How it all began

It took me two years of struggling on a Trumpet and Horn before I 'discovered' my mums acoustic guitar at an age of eleven. Reason enough to leave the peace of metal for what it was. Blessed with a dose of musical talent I learned how to play just by listening to records and singing along with strong vocal harmonic parts from groups like the Eagles, the Carpenters, Abba and Earth Wind & Fire.
Although never leaving the six string, at a certain point it seemed to be a logical step to start playing the bass guitar as I always felt a natural sence for the fundamental bass lines. Soon I started playing at jam sessions and joined a few cover bands as well as the Big band at the College I was studying at in Arnhem at the time. This is where I first met my mate Stefan Erents who also joined the Big band, it was clear this wouldn't be our last project together.
In 2002 Lucien joined Stefan and Tris within the Jostle experience..

live at the Zomerfeesten, Nijmegen 2009

My bands
   to the official Baby Jade Brown website      Soul, Funk & JazzDance originals

   to the official Jayms & friends website      Plays the best Soul, Funk and R&B since the 70's!

   to official The Jostle website      British Pop/Rock originals with singer-songwriter Tris Spencer

   to The Dutch Grodno Groovers website         Disco, Dance, Funk & more covers!

My major influences
   Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb live 8 with Roger Waters
   Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight live
   IQ - The Wake live 2005
   Tears For Fears - Secret World live in Paris 2005
   Jamiroquai - Mr.Moon live in London 1994
   Earth Wind & Fire - Can't let go live, Shining Star live, In the stone live
   Kula Shaker - Smart Dogs live
   Coldplay - Clocks & Fix you live @ Pinkpop 2011
   Art of Noise - live
   Vangelis - Vangelis & Neuronium live in London 1982, the Yamaha CS80 I, the Yamaha CS80 II
   and many others..

   Jan Akkerman (Brainbox, Focus) - his melangolic and bizar melodies together with his sense of harmony
     Focus - Hocus Pocus 1973, classical live, Jan Akkerman & Paco de Lucia
   David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) - his 'simple' though catchy licks with bluesy long sustained notes, the right ones!
     Comfortably Numb solo Pulse tour

Bass player:
   Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report) - his timing and 'bridge building' with the harmony, and his sound!!!
     Rockpalast 28 sept 1978 in Offenback Germany solo, Teen Town with Weather Report