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Jostle’s sound is British Pop/Rock, fusing various amounts of musical influences into one huge melting pot of energetic and passionate story telling songs.

Singer songwriter Tris Spencer grew up in the grimy industrial city of Coventry in England and from an early age he became infatuated with music and performing. Taking his biggest influences from Bruce Springsteen to REM, he became excited by America’s music heritage serving as a catalyst to write his first songs at the age of sixteen. After playing in many bands around the local area he became increasingly aware that he had to do something with his growing book of songs, so began gigging his one man acoustic show around The West Midlands.

Whilst touring in Europe it was in 2000 that Tris stumbled across The Netherlands and was instantaneously taken in by its vast and varied live music culture. He decided to stay and began the early stages to what is now ‘The Jostle’.

In the summer of 2000 Spencer was introduced to Dutch drummer, Stefan Erents, hugely influenced by groups such as The Police and Dave Matthews Band and who for many years had played in various Rock, Blues, Funk & Jazz bands. Stefan was automatically excited by what Tris had to say and to listen to the material he had written. From that moment forward Tris and Stefan began gigging together with ex-bass player Andy Will under the new name of Jostle, which incidentally was a name that came up during one of the shows. A guy in the audience was constantly shouting ‘Jostle, jostle’ after every single song that was played. The word stuck and a name was born.

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It wasn’t until 2002, after the exit of Andy Will, that The Jostle called upon the help of myself as a producer/ bass player after having played with Stefan so many years. According to Tris, this seemed to be "the missing link for the band, and influenced it by bringing a certain dynamics and dedication to the music that has made musical exploration easier and more fluent than before."

      Tris and Lucien live acoustic live
                                  Live at the Sonsbeek Avenue Singer Songwriter Festival, Arnhem 2004

                      The Jostle live about to win the Loonies Award Tris Lucien
                                                       Live at the Loonies Award, Nijmegen 2003

                                         Tris and Lucien live acoustic
                                         Live at the Singer Songwriter Festival, Lux Theater, Nijmegen 2004

                        Live at the Arrow Rock Awards
                                              Live at the Arrow Classic Rock Awards, Zoetermeer 2003

                  The Jostle