My Guitars

My guitar collection has grown over the past 25 years to what it is now:

Fender Stratocaster

It used to be a Clapton Signature Strat, but I've exchanged the neck to a rosewood one, and replaced the Lace Sensor pickups with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Just lovely for that old vintage Hendriks sound! Recently the bridge pickup has been exchanged by a DiMarzio Super Distortion in Strat shape for a nice heavy distorted humbucker sound. Makes my Strat very versatile.

Ibanez Artist AM100

My first electric guitar, always a 'home coming' when I grab this one. It's good for that wonderful jazzy sound with the neck pickup selected, or a unique rock sound when switching the Bill Lawrence bridge pickup.

Ibanez Roadstar II Series

My first bass guitar, this is one a kind! I got this one around 1985, added the J-pickup and a thumb rest. While gaining more basses, I realised how good it actually is. So full of character, my reference.

Fender Jazz Bass

I bought this one in Dubai when I lived there. As cheap as it was, it's got that unmistaken JB-sound, especially since I put some Lindy Fralin pickups in it.

Yamaha BB5000A

My latest acquisition, this 5-string is one of the most fantastic basses I have ever come accross! So easy to play while having such a huge 'fundament' and definition even all the way down to low-B. This, together with a beautiful Jazz Bass character still, makes it absolutely my perfect bass for playing Soul, Funk and R&B. And with the original 4-string spacing and my added thumb rest it provides me the ideal feel to it.
Thank you Hans!

Vintage 'Jaco' Jazz Bass fretless

Just perfect for that melangolic Jaco sound.

Taylor 410-CE

A great acoustic guitar with a wonderful sound for full and natural chords.
The electronics following the piezo pickup is just right!