The Dutch Grodno Groovers in.... Grodno!

                Sjoerd, André and Lucien at the big city square on the 3rd day in front of more than 50.000 people!

André's solo, mentally supported by Alex and 'party animal' Yvonne.                                                  Lots of Natasja's..


                                            Main act Gorky Park.


                                  After the official and musical activities huge fireworks followed to call it a day.


                       Getting ready on the 2nd day for the cultural parade through the inner city of Grodno.

                             Not a disciplined Russian parade as Mr. 'Dichtator' would have wanted, but a typical Dutch party being
                             the greatest Dutch heritage witnessed by more then 300.000 people in total that day.



                                         More then fifteen countries participating showing their cultural heritage.


                                                 A lost participant. "Where the fff..fladiwodstoc are you guys??"

                                           Sjoerd & Lenin, best mates.

                                After a long long stroll the parade arrived at the stadium for some official stuff.

         Yvonne & Natasja's living statues act, big attention from the Russians who hadn't seen anything like this before!

                             'Singing statue' Yvonne and Alex during the gigs at the Holland house on the 3rd day.

                                                                    Our 'biggest' mascotte.. Leen!

                                     Lucien and Sjoerd                                                                        Leen and Alex

                                                                            Leen and myself

                              Leen and Cardius, the Dutch locals who fantastically organized the Dutch participation
                               from the Russian side, with 'party animal' Yvonne.

                                  Coming from Latvia leaving the European Union and entering the last European
                                  dictatorship: 'White Russia' or Belarus.

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