Music Equipment

The joy of making music, and listening to it, to me goes hand in hand with the use of fine equipment. As a musician, my instruments are the tools that I use to express my ideas, my feelings, generated by the inpiration I get from things around me. Ideally, the notes that I play are a reflection of my life.

My productions are in line with that philosophy in order to create my world of sound art.

Enjoying listening to music while lounging, driving my car, doing some housekeeping, or making love, is a what I do best with the best sound stuff. Being pretty much a perfectionist, this means that I haven't gone often for much less the 100%. Having said that, I realize that over the years I have learned to be 'happy with less'.. I consider that as a personal gain, which enables me to be aware of how rich I am, owning the things I've got.