My professional career

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PST Business Solutions helps you to improve your Availabilty, Performance, Security Compliancy and Business Visibility. Being specialists in Business Continuity we offer High Availibity and Business Monitoring solutions and services. Your business process is our concern, we provide you a unique alignment of your business and IT.
By being an Account Manager within PST Business Solutions I am keen to understand your business and the challanges you have with aligning it with your IT. It is my joy and responsibility to make sure our solutions and services will help you improve the continuity of your business.

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"Eye on IP" is specialized in optimizing online business. By using state of the art technologies and the skills of only the best consultants and engineers ION-IP is delivering high-end solutions for optimizing and secure the environment of applications and infrastructure towards and accross the internet. ION-IP offers the ability to maximize business revenue and maintain continuity.
In the role of Sales Consultant I played a keyrole between the customer, Account Management, Architecture, Engineering, and Project Management within the Pre-Sales stage through to implementation and customer care. Additionally I was in the role of Product Manager for the Coradiant Web Application Performance Management & Web Analytics suite I streamline all relevant vendor issues: marketing, commercial, technical functional, logistical etc.

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Kender Thijssen European Repair is one of the largest teams in Europe specialized in Life Cycle Management of obsolete ICT equipment. Since coming out as the Central Repair Vendor for IBM EMEA in 2008 European Repair has expanded its services with Vendor Management. Carrying out the chain management of Reverse Logistics of the tape storage commodity it plays the central role between IBM locations within EMEA and 20 repair vendors located worldwide.
Within the role of International Account Manager I was serving existing and new industrial customers with extending the life cycle of high-end ICT equipment in order to let them achieve a higher Return On Investment.

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By making use of their high-end data center in Ede and many value added services, this Dutch Internet Service Provider offers customers within the B-to-B market tailored solutions for all kinds of challenges within our daily electronic business communication. As an Account Manager I provided companies high availability solutions in hardware and services such as fail-safe hosting, interconnecting customer sites, high bandwidth internet access, secure email etc.

   Cipol Recherche is a security and detective agency which operates in the world of company security and fraud through to private investigations. The most latest or most proven technologies are used to collect undisputed audio and/or video material ready to be used in court. Being a Sales Engineer for Cipol, as well as Female Investigations, means making sure the right technology is chosen and tactically implementated in order to reach the predefined goal. During this very interresting stage I experienced how a the combination of a technical and tactical effort could tackle issues on a very human level.

   My first sales experience from 2001 onwards was within the English Datacom Carrier Storm Telecom as a Pre-Sales Consultant based in Frankfurt, a very interresting environment of Sales within a hi-tec environment. A fantasic high bandwidth DWDM/SDH network in Europe through to New York in order to offer multi site connectivity to major international enterprices.

   The former Nederlands Omroepproduktie Bedrijf (NOB), which used to be the facility department of the NOS and located at the 'Media Park' in Hilversum, has been the leading Audio/Video facility company within broadcasting Holland for decades. Major TV stations such as NL1, 2 and 3, TMF/MTV, FOX, SBS and others were technically being serviced by the NOB. As a Support Engineer I have seen them all.

   Lucent Technologies was a telecommunications vendor composed of what was formerly AT&T Technologies, which included Bell Labs. Lucent merged with Alcatel in 2006 to become Alcatel-Lucent.

SDH Test Engineer
In 1996 I was asked to do some software upgrade projects for Lucent in Nürnberg Germany with my German colleagues within the Chech Republic and the United Arab Emirates.
Technical Support Manager
After several months of gaining experience on the SDH equipment and the network of the local incumbent Etisalat in Abu Dhabi it was in the beginning of 1997 that I was offered the opportunity to set up and manage a Technical Support Team locally for the following years, which was an extraordinary personal challenge for me in many ways.

   KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company which was formerly called Koninklijke PTT Nederland. After graduating as an Engineer in Electronics at the HAN Bacherol College in 1995 I started my carreer - like many others - within this Dutch Telecom incumbent as a Test & Quality Engineer in Arnhem and Amsterdam.