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Soul, Funk & JazzDance

Formed in 2005 by the creative collaboration of vocalist Hester Gorter, guitarist Jan Jonker and drummer Perry Elbers, myself joined the band in the beginning of 2007 as the bass player and backing vocalist. I already knew Hester musically from the time we played together in the (at the time) originals band 'Jaymz'.
Baby Jade Brown wasn't really complete untill, in late 2008, keyboard player Sjoerd Selen joined the band. With his groovy style based on Soul and Jazz, he turned out to be the key to a 100% completeness in sound, harmony and arangements. Also, with his natural interaction with myself, Sjoerd has brought the power of our backing vocals to the ultimate level.
The band was now complete!

Sjoerd, Jan, Hester, Lucien and Perry
Hester Gorter | lead vocals
Jan Jonker | guitar
Lucien Huisstede | bass guitar, backing vocals & audio production
Sjoerd Selen | keyboards & backing vocals
Perry Elbers | drums & didgeridoo

This quintet is the basis for an impressive foundation of musicality and 'chemistry' while performing our own songs. Songs with danceable Funk and JazzDance rhythms as well as lingering R&B and sentimental Soul. In short, 'black' music with a wink to regular Jazz. It is unmistakable that the band members found their inspiration in icons such as Steve Wonder, Erykah Badu, Macy Gray and Jamiroquai.

Baby Jade Brown: Original groovey songs coloured by Hesters powerful and versatile voice. Tight, danceable and never without surprises.

Audio tracks:
    Inferior Superior
    Heaven has sent you down



Perry, Hester, Lucien and Jan
    Live at the Nijmeegse 'Zomerfeesten', July 2009

    Live at the Doctors Bar in Platsa during the Mani-tour in Greece, October 2010

Check out our video clips produced by Ben Rodenburg van Studio Spaen:







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