Luciano Productions

From being a musician for almost whole my life, and my love for a very broad range of musical styles and the tendency to always analyze arangements and productions, I got into the art of recording and mixing songs. After my studio activities at Crystal Park Productions around the mid 90's, and Attick Studio late 90's, I started building my own digital studio and working on originals stuff from my own bands.

Below you find just a few of my productions of the past ten years:

        more about The Dutch Grodno Groovers    Disco, Dance, Funk & more covers!
           Freestylers & Faitless - Live remix of Push Up, Salva Mae & Insomnia

         to Baby Jade Brown    Soul, Funk & JazzDance originals
           Inferior Superior
           Heaven has sent you down

         to The Jostle    British Pop/Rock originals with singer/songwriter Tris Spencer
           I see you - live at TV Gelderland (YouTube video) - Audio mastered by Luciano
           I see you (to come)
           many (to come)

         to Jayms & friends    RnB & Funk with singer/songwriter Jayms
           Killing time (to come)
           The wind cries Mary (to come)