It was 1993 I think when I walked into a small music shop in Noordwijk and saw this old Marshall, a JTM100 from around '66, standing on a workbench being defect and heavilly damaged, but still fully original with all the initial components including four GEC KT66 power tubes. I asked about it and could actually buy it for only a ridiculous 350 Gulden, which is around 150 Euros. Totally excited I took the old 'plexi' with me and repaired it soon after. In the following years I bit by bit modified it to what is now my perfect amp, and proto for my own product: the Luciano Amps Trinity.

First it was converted to the original mid sixties JTM45 with a normal and bright channel and including the GZ34 tube rectifier, combined with some aspects of its successor, the SuperLead 1959, and an additional Post Phase Inverter Master Volume. Some time later I decided to add a (footswitchable) crunch and lead channel, using the extra tube I still had available from the JTM100 channel 3 and 4.

Using many additional switches on the amps' backplate I heavilly experimented with all kinds of circuits, components and settings, until I had that great creamy vintage sounding overdrive and distortion making my amp being capable of producing all the sounds I had wished for. After that the internal grounding configuration was improved - Marshall never did great job if it comes to grounding in the early days - and eventually I added an effects loop between the pre and power amp around an extra tube stage, to provide me the perfect effects routing configuration. I nowadays use my crunch channel for my standard sound with my Strat, giving me that warm thick vintage tone with some nice compression and lots of definition from my Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups still. This sound is so nice and easilly further thickend by my TubeScreamer, or gets driven so nicely with this great raw edge for solos with my Guv'nor.

Man, this is the amp I will stick to for the rest of my life!

The Marshall cab contains two Celestion 'Greenback' G12-M25's reissues, my own cab two fantastic original Celestion G12-H30's, all with Weber Beamblockers for elimination of that nasty high-mid 'beaming' right in front of the speakers and more spreading.

Based on my electronics background and my extensive experience with plexi Marshalls over the years I decided to start my own brand and build great vintage sounding amps and cabinets. Read more on Luciano Amps.


With my love for vintage sounding amps I've come to the following setup. The combination of the tube preamp, the 'deep' power-amp, the old 1x15" and the punchy 2x10" sounds absolutely great with any of my basses.

The Peavey T.B. Raxx is a modified original full tube amp, I have lowered the 'roll off' frequency within the first tube stage by giving the line capacitor a much higher value. This has given the amp more richness within the bottom frequency range. Just can't believe these amps came out of the factory as they did, I consider it a design failure. Anyway, mine sounds absolutely fantastic ever since, have also created a balanced output and an extra line input for my bass synth so I can play my bass guitar and the synth simultaniously ;-)

The Peavey CS-400 power amp which is a very solid sounding amp with built in compressor which is thrown in once it reaches its bottom, giving you just that top end compression for a great 'feel'.

The combination of the SWR Golight 2x 10" and the very old RMS 15" is just perfect for having a full bodied warm sound with great definition. I'm not so fond of a tweeter in my stack when playing the bass though, so I've turned it off most of the time. Having said that, I do use my PK-5 and PC so now and then to feed some synth chords into the amp which require a full range sound. The tweeter is perfect for that, this setup brings me just that flexibility.