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Luciano Amps

Inspired by the legendary Marshall amps, the JTM45 and 1959SLP, Luciano Amps presents an amp according to the 'plexi' specifications for the classic Marshall sound with the versatility of the high-end tops of today!

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        Secret World Live on YouTube
      'Everybody Loves a Happy Ending'

When Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith got together again after 15 years they produced their best album ever!


                                                             (needs some serious updating.. :-\ )

Playing live at 3FM!

2012, Hilversum - Live with Baby Jade Brown at Giel Beelen's Freaknacht.
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Lu with Giel Beelen more

Steve Vai live

July 2012, Amsterdam - Wow, what a birthday present: seeing Steve Vai and Joe Satriani live! The highest in guitar playing, Satriani is great, but 'professor' Steve Vai is from another world..


Jayms & friends back in Saas Fee

31 March 2012, Saas Fee - Finally, after too many years, I managed to organize some gigs again with my band Jayms & friends in that little but very special place & ski resort high up in the mountains of Switzerland: Saas Fee. Down in the pub of the beautifully renovated hotel The Dom we grooved the nights away.


A new life for Lu's Passat

20 Januari 2012, Rozendaal - By exchanging the broken engine by one from an '83 Audi, Stefan and I have managed to bring the good old '88 VW Passat back to life again. Half way, while the old engine has been taken out, I am 'inspecting' the gearbox from closeby.

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Tris Spencer & The Jostle
rocks at Queensday

30 April 2011, Zoetermeer - Tris Spencer, Stefan Erents and myself 'jostling' at Dutch 'Koninginnedag' with fantastic weather and a great audience!

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      Baby Jade Browns 'Mani-tour' in Greece

October 2010 - We had such a fantastic time doing some gigs and spending time exploring the Mani area in Greece. Below at the Doctors Bar in Platsa.
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      The Dutch Grodno Groovers in Belarus

Grodno, 3-5 June 2010 - Representing Holland at the Festival of National Cultures in Grodno, Belarus, turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience. The band, including myself, was put together especially for this occasion and with its highly dynamic gigs (the final one at the big square with an audience of over 50.000 people) it left a stunning impression across Grodno. Within three days the bandmembers had turned into 'superstars' in this city of the former Sovjet Union.

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     Guitar & amp upgrade     

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Rozendaal, 10 Nov 2009 - By exchanging the pickups of my Fender Strat, and carrying out the final modification on my Marshall amp, I have succeeded in finding that real vintage Strat sound we know so well from Jimi Hendrix and Steve Ray Vaughan! Read more..


Gouda, 16 aug 2009 - At an age of (around) 15 years old Clyde, our 'high five matey', has passed away and left us with his sis Bonnie. We all miss you allot buddy.

     Baby Jade Brown at the 'Zomerfeesten'

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Nijmegen, 24 juli 2009 - Great gig at the Valkhof during the always fantastic 'Nijmeegse Zomerfeesten'. Full crowd of people who could't stand still for a single moment.. there must be something we do just right ;-) Baby Jade Brown will be back soon!

             South Africa, November 2008

          Returned from some awesome weeks in SA with.. my fiancé ;-)

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              The Jostle, October 2008

Great fun we had!! With four gigs and a hilarious live radio broadcast The Jostle finished off the Dutch October tour succesfully. New gigs will be planned soon for October 2009.

About me

Born in the summer of '69 and grown up in Leuvenheim, a small village not far from Arnhem in the Netherlands, where I developed my interrest for music, sports, technology and photography in a safe and easy going environment. Studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem provided me a new dimension to my love for guitars and musical equipment, as well as high-end audio systems. Graduated in 1995, I spent my professional career within a broad range of technical environments in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Currently living in De Steeg, a picturesque village formed near the Middachten castle, not far from Arnhem and right on the edge of the National Park Veluwezoom, I enjoy the quiet and peaceful environment. This is where I play my guitars, mess around with electronics, lounge in our lovely garden or take my mountainbike into those wonderful woody and heathland hills.

To me, one of the biggest challenges in life is finding balance between ratio and intuition, between psyche and what is physical, and finding people around me who pursue the same. Life is to enjoy, and once in balance we're able to enjoy it properly.. together.